No more School Shock etc.

8 Jun

Here’s the break down on MUVA projects… StuffArtificer’s not translating anymore. So it’s just me doing Magetsu & Solty Rei (albeit at a reaaaaally slow rate). I couldn’t even translate SA’s projects if I wanted do, can’t read Chinese.

Aaaaaanyway, jumping back a chapter in Magestu. Hope to start on the second part of ch36 soon but no promises… damn end of financial year keeping me busy at work.

Magetuskan Kitan v4 ch35: The Sudden Visitor

MF Download

Skipping ahead a chapter…

17 Apr

Yo all! Some of you may remember M who was our editor for past projects, including MK. He’s back to help (yaaye!) part time so whilst he works on chapter 35, I’m releasing chapter 36. Don’t worry, 35 is a standalone and there are no spoilers in 36 so feel free to read ahead. Or you can just wait for 35, up to you…

Magetuskan Kitan v4 ch36: Bittersweet Scent (Part A)

MF Download

Magetsukan Kitan’s back!

10 Mar

Sorry to have kept everyone waiting for so long ~_~ Well I didn’t end up hearing from any of the old editors so I decided to just do it myself. Umm… feel free to laugh at my efforts hehe.. If you guys don’t mind the chapters being released this way (i.e. shyte edit job done by yours truly) then that’s what I’ll do. Lemme know. Enjoy!

Magetuskan Kitan v4 ch34: MF Download

calm yo tits

11 Feb

So MUVA’s kinda split – i.e. been inactive if you haven’t really gathered. SA & I haven’t really come together since the last time we posted but we’re not officially dead either.

If you give a shyte SA’s moved onto happier and sexier things whilst I’ve got a kid in my life now.

I’ll see whether any of our editors are still alive and if they are, at least a couple more chapters will be forthcoming in the near future. Got a chapter’s translations ready to go right now.

If not… well no one’s really stepped up to take over the project since May 2012 (I just had to check when we last posted and gdamn!) so you’re welcome to petition someone / some other group to do it or learn Japanese / how to edit raws and do it yourself.

Apologies for no updates on our status but really this hobby takes low priority to real life. Also apologise for the tone of this post but I can’t remember the last time I slept. The abusive emails we received didn’t really encourage us to get back into MUVA either.

mo’ MK for nao

7 May

Magetsukan Kitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan time! Just a heads up, the next chapter won’t be till a few more weeks

v4 ch33 – The Fake Residents